Eyelash & eyebrow conditioner

EyEnvy is a lash and brow conditioning and growth serum that thickens and lengthens lashes and brows in just weeks. Email us below to organise your contactless delivery or pick up in store.

EyEnvy is a professional salon exclusive product and cannot be added to your cart. Please contact hello@browcouture.com.au to organise your contactless delivery or pick up in store.

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1. Shake EyEnvy bottle to ensure all ingredients are well mixed in bottle.

2. Remove excess product from the brush by wiping in a circular motion 3 times on neck of bottle, this is enough product to then apply to both eyes including top and Bottom lashes 

3. Apply EyEnvy Once daily in the morning to the base of the upper eyelid, on the skin where the eyelashes grow. (Applying more will not make the lashes grow faster.)

4. Repeat every morning for 3 months. Must be applied daily for best results

5. Apply in one single stroke from one end to the next then Let fluid absorb and avoid rubbing eyes.

6. For eyebrows, apply in areas that you would like to see increase in growth.


Q: HOW DO I APPLY EYENVY®? Firstly, ensure that the eye lid is clean. Shake the ingredients in the bottle; remove the excess of product from the tip of the wand by stroking it on the neck of the bottle 3 times. Apply EyEnvy® to the skin of the eyelid from the exterior to the interior area. Apply in the morning every day for 3 months and every other day for maintenance.

Q: WHAT IF I HAVE SENSITIVE EYES? We recognise that EyEnvy is not for everyone. If you are sensitive or allergic to any of our ingredients, EyEnvy® is probably not for you. We recommend usage every other day for sensitive eyes. Your results may take 2 extra weeks, but you will achieve results. 

Q: WHEN WILL I SEE RESULTS? Everyone’s results may vary based on factors like age, sex, and application frequency. You may also achieve different results due to genetics, or if you are taking medication that affects your hormonal system. Typically most individuals start seeing results within 4-6 weeks. Full results are achieved within 3 months. 

Q: HOW DO I MAINTAIN MY LONG LASHES? After daily use of EyEnvy® for 3 months we recommend applying our conditioner every other day. For sensitive eyes apply the conditioner every third day.

Q: HOW LONG DOES A TUBE OF EYENVY® LAST? A tube of 3.5ml of EyEnvy® will last up to five months and a tube of 2.0ml of EyEnvyTM will last up to 3 months if used daily as recommended. Once opened, the formula will remain active for 9 months. Unopened, a tube of EyEnvy® is good for 18 months.

Q: I WEAR CONTACT LENSES? CAN I USE EYENVY®? Yes. We recommend inserting contact lenses approximately 15 minutes after applying EyEnvy®.

Q: WHERE CAN I PURCHASE EYENVY®? EyEnvy® is Spa/Salon Exclusive. If you would like to purchase a tube kindly check our Locations to purchase section to find a location near you.

Q: MY EYES ARE IRRITATED, ITCHY, OR RED FROM THE PRODUCT, WHAT SHOULD I DO? The skin surrounding your eyes is highly sensitive. Certain individuals may be sensitive to one or more of the ingredients in EyEnvy®. Please take special care in following the application procedure. A high percentage of irritation for most clients is due to overuse or over application of our product. If mild or moderate redness or irritation occurs, discontinue use of the product at least temporarily until symptoms resolve.

Q: I NOTICED SOME SKIN DISCOLOURATION WHERE I APPLY EYENVY®, SHOULD I BE CONCERNED? Some customers have noted a slight darkening of the skin on the eyelid where they have applied EyEnvy® over a prolonged period of time. In most situations this will naturally fade with discontinued use of the product.

Q: IS EYENVY® SAFE DURING PREGNANCY AND/OR BREASTFEEDING EyEnvy® has not been tested in all situations; therefore we do not recommend using EyEnvy® during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Q: CAN I USE EYENVY® ON MY EYEBROWS? Yes. EyEnvy® can significantly improve the density of your eyebrows. Always keep in mind that if there has been any trauma to the eyebrow area which includes scar tissue, hair will not grow.

Q: WHY IS IT BETTER TO PUT ON EYENVY® IN THE MORNING? The reason why EyEnvy® is best to be used in the morning is because studies have shown that when products near the eyes are applied at night, they have an increased chance of sensitivity to product due to various factors. When used in the morning the eye’s lacrimal glands are more active, sensitivity is reduced leading to a healthier experience with any product. Because we are unaware of the sensitivity levels of all clients we have created a general rule for everyone to use the product in the morning.

Q: CAN I APPLY MAKEUP AFTER USING EYENVY®? Yes, you can use all forms of make-up after applying EyEnvy. We suggest that you first apply EyEnvy® to a clean lid and then let it dry for 1-2 minutes. You may then apply make-up as usual.

Q: CAN I PUT ON MASCARA AFTER APPLYING EYENVY®? Yes. Mascara can be used 1-2 minutes after applying the serum. It is recommended to use the EyEnvy®> mascara as it will also condition the lashes.